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6m Wide Bell Tent

6m Wide Bell Tent

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Love the outdoors?

Or need a tent for a Festival?

Look no further!

We are selling these awesome and easy to set up Bell Tents which range in diameter size from 3 metres to 7 metres. This price is for our 6m wide tent.

The outer shell is made from Waterproof Cotton Canvas, with a thick PVC ground Sheet.

There is also a Mesh Door and 4 x Mesh Windows, as well as a Hole for a Chimney, should you be camping in Winter and need a Stove Warmer, effectively making this a 4-season tent.

The sidewalls can be rolled up to allow for a cool breeze to roll through.

This tent is perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, backpacking, trekking, mountaineering, festivals and backyard camp lovers. 

You could even use it to create a unique "Airbnb" experience in your own backyard and generate some easy money! Contact me if you would like guidance with this.

Set up this tent easily using the instructions in around 20 to 30 minutes.

Included in the box is:

1 x Canvas Bell Tent
1 x Center Pole
1 x Set of Galvanized Poles
1 x Set of Guidelines
1 X Set of Stakes

Free Delivery Australia wide is included in the price of this item.

12 Months Warranty is also included.



Product Description
Canvas Bell Tent,3-12 People,4-Season
Canvas Bell Tent,3-12 People,4-Season
Canvas Bell Tent,3-12 People,4-Season
3/4/5/6/7m Cotton Canvas Tent
This is a 4-season waterproof cotton canvas bell tent that is large enough to accommodate 3-12 people. This cotton canvas tent is made of cotton fabric and is tough enough to withstand strong wind, rain, or even snow. Our tent can be widely used in outdoor activities such as family camping, outdoor hunting, and so on.
  • Super Large Capacity
  • Waterproof Cotton Fabric
  • Good Ventilation Design
  • Firm & Stable Support
  • 4-Season Bell Tent
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Key Features

  • Canvas Bell Tent,3-12 People,4-Season

    3/4/5/6m Diameter Tent

    The tent capacity is about 3-5/5-8/8-10/10-12 persons. The size of the large tent is perfect to fit a camping bed, small table and still has plenty of space to move around and hang out in the tent.

  • Canvas Bell Tent,3-12 People,4-Season

    Cotton Canvas Fabric

    This cotton canvas tent is made of cotton fabric(300gsm) with waterproof treatment and PVC(540gsm) floor. It is heavy-duty enough to withstand big storms, heavy rain, and even snow.

  • Canvas Bell Tent,3-12 People,4-Season

    Mesh Screen Door

    The tent is designed with an inner screen door and four mesh windows with SBS zippers for ventilation or sightseeing without worrying about bugs or critters. Four holes are at the top instead of on the side to ensure the airflow is smooth.

  • Canvas Bell Tent,3-12 People,4-Season

    Strong Steel Pipe & Rope

    The tent has strong steel center poles, galvanized frame tubes, tight nylon rope, wind rope nails, and so on. The thickening poles and tight rope and rope nails are tough enough to withstand strong wind, rain, or even snow.

  • Canvas Bell Tent,3-12 People,4-Season

    Easily Install & Disassemble

    All the accessories for installation are included, and one person can assemble the tent in 15 min. Meanwhile, it is also easy to disassemble.

  • Canvas Bell Tent,3-12 People,4-Season

    Wide Application

    This 4-season style bell tent is suitable for all weather. It is an ideal choice for outdoor camping with families and friends. You even can roll up the whole sidewall for good airflow and sightseeing.

Canvas Bell Tent,3-12 People,4-Season
  • Open & Stand Size(L x W x H): 3 x 3 x 2 m / 4 x 4 x 2.5 m /5 x 5 x 3m / 6 x 6 x 3.5 m/7 x 7 x 3.5 m
  • Door Size: 1.5 m H x 1.8 m W /1.6 m H x 2 m W/1.8 m H x 2.6 m W
  • Fabric: 300gsm cotton canvas, PU3000 m
  • Ground Sheet: 540gsm PVC, PU5000 m
  • Central Pole: Dia.38 mm
  • A Frame Pole: Dia.19 mm
  • Ropes: Φ6mm, 3 m on length
  • Package Weight: 20 kg (44 lb)/28 kg (61.7 lb)/37 kg (81.5 lb)/47 kg (103.6 lb)
Canvas Bell Tent,3-12 People,4-Season Package Content
  • 1 x Canvas Bell Tent
  • 1 x Extra Flashlight

Features & Details

  • 【SUPER LARGE CAPACITY】- This is a 3/4/5/6/7m diameter bell tent that usually can fit 3-5/5-8/8-10/10-12 persons sleeping on inflatable mattresses.
  • 【WATERPROOF COTTON FABRIC】- The tent is made of cotton canvas with waterproof treatment and has taped the double-stitched seam. It is more durable to resist winds, rain, and snow.
  • 【GOOD VENTILATION DESIGN】- The tent features a high-quality mesh door and four mesh windows with zippers for excellent airflow or sightseeing without worrying about bugs or critters. Four top holes are designed for smooth ventilation.
  • 【FIRM & STABLE SUPPORT】- Strong steel center poles, galvanized frame tubes, tight nylon rope, and wind rope nails are all provided for installation. It is firm and stable enough to resist strong wind, rain, or even snow.
  • 【4-SEASON BELL TENT】- This is a 4-season style bell tent suitable for all weather. In winter, you can install a stove to keep warm. You even can roll up the whole sidewall for good airflow and view.

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