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10 Pair, 5 Colour Bamboo Fiber Mens and Womens Bamboo Fibre Socks BULK

10 Pair, 5 Colour Bamboo Fiber Mens and Womens Bamboo Fibre Socks BULK

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10 Pairs and 5 Colours of Bamboo Fiber Mens and Womens Bamboo Fibre Socks BULK Size US(6.5-13) EU(38-46)  | Office wear, Breathable, Anti Fungal, Compression 

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Let's face it, buying good quality socks from a store like David Jones, Target, Bonds, Myer, Roger David, etc is one of the most expensive ways of obtaining this everyday item. 

Buying online allows you to get the best value and quality due to many reasons, but MAINLY because for sellers like me, I do not have to maintain a retail storefront, hundreds of staff and the other costs that come along with this - my costs are simply product cost, shipping costs and eBay and PayPal fees - allowing me to pass my unique position onto you in savings on this item that everyone should have!

This position also allows me, the owner of my small business, to manage all customer care and support. If you need anything in relation to your order, whether it be something like to change the colour selected post-purchase, to customise an order, or to bulk order more than10 items at a time, contact me and I will help you usually within a few minutes of sending your message until you are fully satisfied.

I have been selling on eBay since 2011 (with a different account to begin with) and have always maintained great customer relationships and satisfaction (check my feedback rating) - take advantage of this now and order these great quality Bamboo Socks

Some other benefits of buying Bamboo Socks from Smart Sales Australia 

  • Contact me for this item and tell me your shoe size, so I can send you the best from our range of sizes US (6.5 to 12) /  EU (38 to 45), FREE.
  • FREE shipping on all Australian orders, plus flat rate international shipping to most countries. Delivery is usually 6 to 13 Business Days. No packaging provided to reduce shipping costs.
  • Express shipping available (DHL, FedEx, UPS). Contact me for a specific quote.
  • Contact me for product customisation and even more bulk orders.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Money Back or Replacement Guarantee (contact us within 30 days of purchase to let me know of any issues pertaining to your order.
  • 9+ years of experience selling on eBay.

I Guarantee a Great Pre & Post-Purchase Experience and hope that you trust this when starting your interaction with my business by buying these amazing Bamboo Socks.

About the actual Damn Socks

Hopefully, you made it here and can actually learn about the specific characteristics of the actual Socks you will get when you buy from us.

A typical problem suffered by many sock owners is that they cannot use them for long because they are not comfortable or durable. This has been linked to poor quality materials and bad production methods of socks. 

Fortunately, both of these elements were thought about and specifically these factors (plus a few more) were given specific attention during the product manufacturing process of these Bamboo Socks

When you order from us you will receive 5 Pairs of High-Quality Bamboo Fibre Socks, with Spandex Elastic around the top of the sock and a reinforced toe, ankle and sole of foot to ensure that you can use each pair for years, interchanged day-in-day-out, comfortably and reliably. Read on for a list of key product details!

The socks have been designed with Breathability in mind and with the Natural Fibre Structure of Bamboo, there are many benefits for choosing a Bamboo sock for day to day wear. 

Sock Specifics and Bamboo Benefits

  • 5 Colours Available: Black, Blue Grey, Dark Blue, Dark Grey and Light Grey Send us a message for specific colour combinations in your 5 pack.
  • Sizes Available: US (6.5 to 12) / EU (38 to 45). Send us a message with your size choice
  • Features: Anti-Bacterial, Breathable, Deodorizing & Comfortable
  • Materials: Bamboo base with Cotton and Elastic used in certain strategic places for strength and use benefits
  • Recommended Use: For Home, Business or Leisure

These Socks and all of our products include a one year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and FREE shipping! Your happiness is our business... We want to make returning customers! 

Full details are available in our Shipping Information and Satisfaction Guarantee and Refund Policy pages! If you would like an express shipping option, please contact us and we can search for the best deal for you with the many available services.

The product you receive will be exactly as that pictured. Please make sure that you order the correct style and size at checkout. 

Contact us via eBay, Facebook, Instagram or Email to chat with our friendly support if you have any questions at all.

Our stock is limited so get in fast or miss out (we hate disappointing customers, don't let us do it to you...)

Please leave positive feedback once you have received and are happy with your item - this really helps us grow and take advantage of the eBay algorithm ;)

Have a great day or night, wherever you are!

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We want to make our customers buy again and again from us - how can we do that by selling bad products? This all ties into our reasoning for creating a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Customer Support

Our Customer Support are the real deal - they are super friendly and much better to deal with than those working for the "big" companies like eBay and Amazon.

Contact us either before or after ordering for prompt, useful and amazing support.

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Am absolutely super excited with the service and the product and they have arrived on time. Couldn't get any better service - Jenny 18 December 2022