Collection: LED Lighting

Regular Incandescent Light Bulbs are today's low tech, highly inefficient way to light your home or office. They waste so much electricity they get so hot they can burn your fingertips!

The new way to light your way is with highly energy efficient White LED Light Bulbs or the even fancier RGBW (Red Green Blue White) Light Bulbs that also light up your world with a wide range of colors!

LED Light Bulbs are typically 4x to 6x more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, saving you substantial money off your power bill each and every month; especially during the expensive peak hours!

White LED Light Bulbs give off a clean white light, but still have the dimming function that lets you dim the lights to save even more off your expensive power bill. Higher quality White LED Bulbs also let you adjust the color temperature from the bluish noon sunlight to the redder colors of sunrise and sunset.

RGBW LEDs also provide a full rainbow of 16.8 Million colors and brightness levels so you can easily light your rooms in any color and brightness you want by controlling them from your Android or iOS SmartPhone or Tablet.

These Light Bulbs also last much, much longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, often lasting 10x more so you only have to replace hard to reach light bulbs once a decade...

Some LED Light Bulbs require an expensive dedicated lighting Controller, but the Xiaomi YeeLight Brand LED Light Bulbs are designed to work without one, instead taking orders from your Android or iOS SmartPhones, Tablets and Pads.

Join the 21st Century with modern LED Lighting and reap the benefits and savings!