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Our Aromatherapy Collection

Millions of people around the world enjoy using Aromatherapy Diffusers / Humidifiers daily, often along with optional Essential Oils that add relaxing scents to your air.

Smart Sales Australia is proud to offer a wide range of Aromatherapy Diffuser / Humidifiers for home, office and even vehicular use. They all use water, along with optional Essential Oils, which are diffused while humidifying the air, to offer popular, fresh aromatic scents of your choosing for you to breathe in deeply and enjoy.

Essential Oils, made from organic sources, use select parts of fragrant Flowers, Fruits, Plants, and Trees. They are all designed to evaporate cleanly into the air as part of a mixed water solution and provide pleasant aromatic scents. Among the most p
opular Essential Oils are Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Rose, Rosemary and Tea Tree Oils.

Some people like to impart health and wellness benefits to using specific essential oils to help reduce a wide range of specific issues, but we provide them without health claims to customers. We prefer to provide them as an aid to relaxation which can often provide an increase in general health and wellness to people who live busy lives in today's increasingly busy world. 

In reality, millions use these Essential Oils in Aromatherapy Diffusers to help them take away personal day to day stress, as an aid in their meditations, while stretching and / or working out, and to help set a mood when others come over for dinner, or a house party, etc.

No matter how you plan to use them, Smart Sales Australia can help you find the right Aromatherapy Diffusers / Humidifiers for your home, office or vehicle, and we also provide a refined selection of high quality Essential Oils for use in them if you prefer that too.

SSA's Quick Guide to Essential Oils:
Most Essential Oils come in 10ml bottles, which contain roughly 200 drops of liquid. Most Aromatherapy Diffuser users add 1 drop of Essential Oil per 100 ~ 200ml of water, depending on the specific Essential Oil used, the size of the room they are in and the scent strength they prefer. 

Safety Note: The Essential Oils offered by SSA are extremely pure and very potent; they not sold for internal or external use on Humans or Animals - at any dilution level. If any of these Oils makes contact with your skin, wash the area immediately with soap and water. People with specific Allergies may experience issues with related Essential Oils when used in Diffusers.