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Golden Roses Voted As Australia's Best Birthday and Anniversary Present

Golden Roses show an expression of love that's quite hard to sum up in words - the feeling you get when you hold just 1 Gold Rose or a bunch of 12 Roses, and look at your loved one is really priceless.

Gold Roses Australia - Buy Golden Roses in Australia for the best Anniversary or Birthday Gift

Imagine the feeling that your partner will have when you present them with 12 of the most beautiful 24K Gold Roses in Australia - it will be utter bliss. We have multiple colours for both the Rose and Stem and if you choose to mix and match then that will be sure to impress even more.

Our Golden Roses are iconic symbols of love that will never die like their counterparts - upscale your room or living area by arranging 3 or more of our Roses together - it will look superb!

Buy Your Gold Rose Australia Best Valentines Present

Our production methods, supply chain and packaging ensure you receive the highest quality Golden Rose that will tick all your boxes - trust us when we say that you and your partner will love your new golden roses!

We're so confident that you'll love our roses that we are offering a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. 

Golden Rose with Love Stand Australia Delivery - Buy your 24k Gold Rose Online today and impress your lover

Some features of our Golden Rose package include:

  • A beautiful Love Stand to hold your Rose;
  • Multiple Colour Choices for the Rose Leaves and Stem;
  • Certification of Authenticity
  • 100% Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee (which goes for all products on our site);
  • The ability to give a stunning symbol of love that lasts an eternity;


So what are you waiting for? Order your Gold Rose Australia now and get it delivered to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane (basically any city) - FREE - grab this offer before you miss out. 


24k Gold Rose Australia with Box and Carry Bag and Certificate of Authenticity from Smart Sales Australia


PRO TIP: Order with YOUR billing details BUT  enter YOUR LOVERS address details and name - they will get a lovely surprise in the mail and wonder who sent it to them!

Some Common Questions That Are Asked About Gold Roses

What is the meaning of a Golden Rose?

A Golden Rose is an expression of gratitude and love which should be given to a loved one or someone that is very close to you. 

Beyond the regular Gold Rose, we also have Roses with different coloured flowers and stems, allowing for the ultimate customised present that suits every persons unique taste.

How much does a Gold Dipped Rose Cost?

A Gold Dipped Roses cost varies depending on many factors, including the quality of the Gold Dip and original Rose material, location of making the rose, the website or store selling its price choices and quite a few other things.

At Smart Sales Australia we strive to meet a point between Luxury, Quality and Value. We have our Beautiful 24K Gold Roses starting from $29, which includes free delivery and has our Satisfaction Guarantee.

How is a Gold Dipped Rose made?

Our process is overseen by our Lead Expert Craftsman.  The process is as follows:

  1. A Healthy Rose is Selected from our Garden.
  2. The flower is cut and clipped so that it presents perfectly. It is stored with water temporarily.
  3. The Rose is coated with our secret lacquer that ensures the Roses internal structure remains strong;
  4. The Rose is then Dipped in our Gold Pots and left to dry in special hanging racks designed especially for our Roses.
  5. A coat of finishing material is added to ensure durability and protection

Viola! We have a Gold Dipped Rose

Are Gold Dipped Roses Real?

Depending on the manufacturer, yes or no. Gold Roses can have an organic interior or a metallic one. Our $29 Golden Roses feature both methods which provides for ultimate beauty and symmetry.

Do gold dipped roses last forever?

When taken care of appropriately, our Gold Roses can last forever like other Gold Jewellery. Do not drop, bend or place weight on the roses as their delicate petals may break. Do not worry though, if you buy one of our roses and this happens, just contact us and we will send you a replacement.

Gold Dipped Rose in Australia - Real Rose with Background

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